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From: Jordi Mas (
Date: Sun Dec 14 2003 - 11:18:16 EST

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    > Notes: It works (at least starts and displays the readme) for
    > Microsoft Windows (R) XP and 95, however the document properties
    > (meta data dialog) doesn't work on 95. The installer also

    Do the options dialog work on the same machine (both use the same property
    sheet class)? Can you debug this problem?

    > Please be aware the download page is not accurate in regard
    > to plugins available for Windows. Glib based plugins are
    > not in that package (ie no WordPerfect nor OO importer) and
    > the text summarizer is not built for Windows presently.

    I also updated the Catalan dictionary time ago. It will be cool if someone can
    update the dictionary packets.



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