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From: Kenneth J. Davis (
Date: Sun Dec 14 2003 - 11:05:02 EST

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    >Subject: Updated download page
    >From: Marc Maurer <>
    >Hi All,
    >I updated the AbiWord download area (
    >AbiWord 2.0.1 Binaries for Windows and QNX will follow soonish.
    > Marc Maurer

    For those wanting a 2.0.2 build for Windows, I've uploaded one
    at my usual location:

    (nondirect downloads should link to )

    Notes: It works (at least starts and displays the readme) for
    Microsoft Windows (R) XP and 95, however the document properties
    (meta data dialog) doesn't work on 95. The installer also
    works fine for me on both systems, including the ability to
    download additional dictionaries. As no one who has indicated
    the installer crashed on W95 for them has offered to help
    track down the cause, I have no intention of trying to determine
    what it is (the best they can hope for is periodic updates to
    NSIS or the installer script fix it).

    I will see about building plugins sometime this week and
    adding a setup that includes them; in the meantime, the 2.0.1
    plugins seem to work just fine. [I've had no motivation to
    do anything on a computer lately, hence the delay providing
    this build.]

    Please be aware the download page is not accurate in regard
    to plugins available for Windows. Glib based plugins are
    not in that package (ie no WordPerfect nor OO importer) and
    the text summarizer is not built for Windows presently.


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