Re: commit: fixes encoding problems in win32

From: Jordi Mas (
Date: Tue Dec 09 2003 - 20:46:05 EST

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    En/na Dom Lachowicz ha escrit:

    > Hi Jordi,
    > I really appreciate your work here. But I don't think


    > that the approach you just took is the correct one,
    > and as such, I think that it's preferable to revert
    > your patch.
    > Ideally, all of our filenames will be in UTF-8 or some
    > other well-known, unicode encoding. The proper
    > solution, IMO, is to convert from the native OS'
    > encoding into UTF8 at boundary conditions. Namely, at
    > least these two places:

    I honestly thought about this solution but I thought that was a paint in the
    neck to convert all the filename encoding before saving them and also I had in
    my mind the points where the conversion was need it.

    You are right, for some situations like this ideally we should use UTF8
    internally and convert to ANSI or UNICODE one day when interacting with the
    Win32 API. Well, I have to start to think that we use UTF8 for XP code and we
    should stick to that encoding and convert it to native when necessary.

    I'll look into creating a new patch soon. Thanks for point out, this is
    something that we will have more and more frequently and we should handle it



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