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xap_Gtk2Compat.h File Reference

#include "ut_types.h"
#include <gtk/gtk.h>
#include <gdk/gdkkeysyms.h>

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#define GDK_KEY_3270_Enter   GDK_3270_Enter
#define GDK_KEY_BackSpace   GDK_BackSpace
#define GDK_KEY_Delete   GDK_Delete
#define GDK_KEY_Down   GDK_Down
#define GDK_KEY_Escape   GDK_Escape
#define GDK_KEY_F1   GDK_F1
#define GDK_KEY_Help   GDK_Help
#define GDK_KEY_ISO_Enter   GDK_ISO_Enter
#define GDK_KEY_KP_0   GDK_KP_0
#define GDK_KEY_KP_9   GDK_KP_9
#define GDK_KEY_KP_Down   GDK_KP_Down
#define GDK_KEY_KP_Enter   GDK_KP_Enter
#define GDK_KEY_KP_Escape   GDK_KP_Escape
#define GDK_KEY_KP_Left   GDK_KP_Left
#define GDK_KEY_KP_Right   GDK_KP_Right
#define GDK_KEY_KP_Space   GDK_KP_Space
#define GDK_KEY_KP_Up   GDK_KP_Up
#define GDK_KEY_Left   GDK_Left
#define GDK_KEY_Return   GDK_Return
#define GDK_KEY_Right   GDK_Right
#define GDK_KEY_space   GDK_space
#define GDK_KEY_Tab   GDK_Tab
#define GDK_KEY_ISO_Left_Tab   GDK_ISO_Left_Tab
#define GDK_KEY_Up   GDK_Up
#define GDK_KEY_VoidSymbol   GDK_VoidSymbol
#define GtkComboBoxText   GtkComboBox


typedef GdkColor GdkRGBA
typedef GtkColorSelection GtkColorChooserWidget
typedef GtkColorSelection GtkColorChooser


GdkWindow * gtk_widget_get_window (GtkWidget *w)
const guchar * gtk_selection_data_get_data (const GtkSelectionData *s)
GdkAtom gtk_selection_data_get_target (const GtkSelectionData *s)
gint gtk_selection_data_get_length (const GtkSelectionData *s)
GtkWidget * gtk_dialog_get_action_area (GtkDialog *dialog)
GtkWidget * gtk_dialog_get_content_area (GtkDialog *dialog)
GtkWidget * gtk_color_selection_dialog_get_color_selection (GtkColorSelectionDialog *d)
void gtk_adjustment_configure (GtkAdjustment *adjustment, gdouble value, gdouble lower, gdouble upper, gdouble step_increment, gdouble page_increment, gdouble page_size)
void gtk_widget_get_allocation (GtkWidget *widget, GtkAllocation *alloc)
gboolean gtk_widget_has_focus (GtkWidget *widget)
gboolean gtk_widget_has_grab (GtkWidget *widget)
gboolean gtk_widget_is_toplevel (GtkWidget *widget)
gboolean gtk_widget_get_double_buffered (GtkWidget *widget)
void gtk_widget_set_can_default (GtkWidget *w, gboolean can_default)
void gtk_widget_set_can_focus (GtkWidget *w, gboolean can_focus)
gboolean gtk_widget_get_sensitive (GtkWidget *widget)
gboolean gtk_widget_get_visible (GtkWidget *widget)
void gtk_widget_set_visible (GtkWidget *widget, gboolean visible)
void gtk_widget_get_requisition (GtkWidget *widget, GtkRequisition *requisition)
gboolean gtk_widget_get_mapped (GtkWidget *w)
gboolean gtk_widget_get_realized (GtkWidget *w)
GtkWidget * gtk_combo_box_text_new ()
GtkWidget * gtk_combo_box_text_new_with_entry ()
void gtk_combo_box_text_append_text (GtkComboBox *combo, const gchar *text)
gchar * gtk_combo_box_text_get_active_text (GtkComboBox *combo)
void gtk_combo_box_text_remove (GtkComboBox *combo, gint position)
GtkWidget * gtk_combo_box_new_with_model_and_entry (GtkTreeModel *model)
GdkDisplay * gdk_window_get_display (GdkWindow *window)
GtkWidget * gtk_color_chooser_dialog_new (const gchar *title, GtkWindow *parent)
void gtk_color_selection_get_current_rgba (GtkColorSelection *colorsel, GdkColor *color)
void gtk_color_selection_set_current_rgba (GtkColorSelection *colorsel, GdkColor *color)
void gdk_rgba_free (GdkColor *color)
void gtk_color_button_set_rgba (GtkColorButton *button, const GdkColor *color)
void gtk_color_button_get_rgba (GtkColorButton *button, GdkColor *color)
GtkWidget * gtk_box_new (GtkOrientation orientation, gint spacing)
GtkWidget * gtk_scrollbar_new (GtkOrientation orientation, GtkAdjustment *adj)
GtkWidget * gtk_separator_new (GtkOrientation orientation)
void gtk_combo_box_text_remove_all (GtkComboBoxText *combo_box)
void gtk_widget_get_preferred_size (GtkWidget *widget, GtkRequisition *minimum_size, GtkRequisition *)
GtkWidget * gtk_color_chooser_widget_new ()
void gtk_color_chooser_set_use_alpha (GtkColorSelection *chooser, gboolean opacity)
void gtk_color_chooser_get_rgba (GtkColorSelection *chooser, GdkRGBA *color)
void gtk_color_chooser_set_rgba (GtkColorSelection *chooser, GdkRGBA *color)
void XAP_gtk_color_button_set_rgba (GtkColorButton *colorbtn, const GdkRGBA *color)
void XAP_gtk_color_button_get_rgba (GtkColorButton *colorbtn, GdkRGBA *color)
GdkGrabStatus XAP_gdk_keyboard_grab (GdkWindow *window, gboolean owner_events, guint32 time_)
GdkGrabStatus XAP_gdk_pointer_grab (GdkWindow *window, gboolean owner_events, GdkEventMask event_mask, GdkWindow *confine_to, GdkCursor *cursor, guint32 time_)
void XAP_gdk_keyboard_ungrab (guint32 t)
void XAP_gdk_pointer_ungrab (guint32 t)

Define Documentation

#define GDK_KEY_3270_Enter   GDK_3270_Enter

Referenced by on_key_event().

#define GDK_KEY_BackSpace   GDK_BackSpace

Referenced by __onKeyPressed().

#define GDK_KEY_Delete   GDK_Delete

Referenced by __onKeyPressed().

#define GDK_KEY_Down   GDK_Down
#define GDK_KEY_Escape   GDK_Escape

Referenced by fsel_key_event(), and on_key_event().

#define GDK_KEY_F1   GDK_F1
#define GDK_KEY_Help   GDK_Help
#define GDK_KEY_ISO_Enter   GDK_ISO_Enter

Referenced by on_key_event().

#define GDK_KEY_ISO_Left_Tab   GDK_ISO_Left_Tab
#define GDK_KEY_KP_0   GDK_KP_0

Referenced by s_isVirtualKeyCode().

#define GDK_KEY_KP_9   GDK_KP_9

Referenced by s_isVirtualKeyCode().

#define GDK_KEY_KP_Down   GDK_KP_Down

Referenced by on_key_event().

#define GDK_KEY_KP_Enter   GDK_KP_Enter

Referenced by on_key_event(), and s_isVirtualKeyCode().

#define GDK_KEY_KP_Escape   GDK_KP_Escape
#define GDK_KEY_KP_Left   GDK_KP_Left

Referenced by on_key_event().

#define GDK_KEY_KP_Right   GDK_KP_Right

Referenced by on_key_event().

#define GDK_KEY_KP_Space   GDK_KP_Space

Referenced by on_key_event().

#define GDK_KEY_KP_Up   GDK_KP_Up

Referenced by on_key_event().

#define GDK_KEY_Left   GDK_Left
#define GDK_KEY_Return   GDK_Return
#define GDK_KEY_Right   GDK_Right
#define GDK_KEY_space   GDK_space

Referenced by on_key_event().

#define GDK_KEY_Tab   GDK_Tab
#define GDK_KEY_Up   GDK_Up
#define GDK_KEY_VoidSymbol   GDK_VoidSymbol
#define GtkComboBoxText   GtkComboBox

Typedef Documentation

typedef GdkColor GdkRGBA
typedef GtkColorSelection GtkColorChooser
typedef GtkColorSelection GtkColorChooserWidget

Function Documentation

void gdk_rgba_free ( GdkColor *  color  )  [inline]
GdkDisplay* gdk_window_get_display ( GdkWindow *  window  )  [inline]
void gtk_adjustment_configure ( GtkAdjustment *  adjustment,
gdouble  value,
gdouble  lower,
gdouble  upper,
gdouble  step_increment,
gdouble  page_increment,
gdouble  page_size 
) [inline]
GtkWidget* gtk_box_new ( GtkOrientation  orientation,
gint  spacing 
) [inline]
void gtk_color_button_get_rgba ( GtkColorButton *  button,
GdkColor *  color 
) [inline]
void gtk_color_button_set_rgba ( GtkColorButton *  button,
const GdkColor *  color 
) [inline]
GtkWidget* gtk_color_chooser_dialog_new ( const gchar *  title,
GtkWindow *  parent 
) [inline]
void gtk_color_chooser_get_rgba ( GtkColorSelection *  chooser,
GdkRGBA color 
) [inline]
void gtk_color_chooser_set_rgba ( GtkColorSelection *  chooser,
GdkRGBA color 
) [inline]
void gtk_color_chooser_set_use_alpha ( GtkColorSelection *  chooser,
gboolean  opacity 
) [inline]
GtkWidget* gtk_color_chooser_widget_new (  )  [inline]
GtkWidget* gtk_color_selection_dialog_get_color_selection ( GtkColorSelectionDialog *  d  )  [inline]
void gtk_color_selection_get_current_rgba ( GtkColorSelection *  colorsel,
GdkColor *  color 
) [inline]
void gtk_color_selection_set_current_rgba ( GtkColorSelection *  colorsel,
GdkColor *  color 
) [inline]
GtkWidget* gtk_combo_box_new_with_model_and_entry ( GtkTreeModel *  model  )  [inline]
void gtk_combo_box_text_append_text ( GtkComboBox *  combo,
const gchar *  text 
) [inline]
gchar* gtk_combo_box_text_get_active_text ( GtkComboBox *  combo  )  [inline]
GtkWidget* gtk_combo_box_text_new (  )  [inline]
GtkWidget* gtk_combo_box_text_new_with_entry (  )  [inline]
void gtk_combo_box_text_remove ( GtkComboBox *  combo,
gint  position 
) [inline]
void gtk_combo_box_text_remove_all ( GtkComboBoxText *  combo_box  )  [inline]
GtkWidget* gtk_dialog_get_action_area ( GtkDialog *  dialog  )  [inline]
GtkWidget* gtk_dialog_get_content_area ( GtkDialog *  dialog  )  [inline]
GtkWidget* gtk_scrollbar_new ( GtkOrientation  orientation,
GtkAdjustment *  adj 
) [inline]
const guchar* gtk_selection_data_get_data ( const GtkSelectionData *  s  )  [inline]
gint gtk_selection_data_get_length ( const GtkSelectionData *  s  )  [inline]
GdkAtom gtk_selection_data_get_target ( const GtkSelectionData *  s  )  [inline]
GtkWidget* gtk_separator_new ( GtkOrientation  orientation  )  [inline]
void gtk_widget_get_allocation ( GtkWidget *  widget,
GtkAllocation *  alloc 
) [inline]
gboolean gtk_widget_get_double_buffered ( GtkWidget *  widget  )  [inline]
gboolean gtk_widget_get_mapped ( GtkWidget *  w  )  [inline]
void gtk_widget_get_preferred_size ( GtkWidget *  widget,
GtkRequisition *  minimum_size,
GtkRequisition *   
) [inline]
gboolean gtk_widget_get_realized ( GtkWidget *  w  )  [inline]
void gtk_widget_get_requisition ( GtkWidget *  widget,
GtkRequisition *  requisition 
) [inline]
gboolean gtk_widget_get_sensitive ( GtkWidget *  widget  )  [inline]
gboolean gtk_widget_get_visible ( GtkWidget *  widget  )  [inline]
GdkWindow* gtk_widget_get_window ( GtkWidget *  w  )  [inline]
gboolean gtk_widget_has_focus ( GtkWidget *  widget  )  [inline]
gboolean gtk_widget_has_grab ( GtkWidget *  widget  )  [inline]
gboolean gtk_widget_is_toplevel ( GtkWidget *  widget  )  [inline]
void gtk_widget_set_can_default ( GtkWidget *  w,
gboolean  can_default 
) [inline]
void gtk_widget_set_can_focus ( GtkWidget *  w,
gboolean  can_focus 
) [inline]
void gtk_widget_set_visible ( GtkWidget *  widget,
gboolean  visible 
) [inline]
GdkGrabStatus XAP_gdk_keyboard_grab ( GdkWindow *  window,
gboolean  owner_events,
guint32  time_ 
) [inline]

Referenced by popup_grab_on_window().

void XAP_gdk_keyboard_ungrab ( guint32  t  )  [inline]
GdkGrabStatus XAP_gdk_pointer_grab ( GdkWindow *  window,
gboolean  owner_events,
GdkEventMask  event_mask,
GdkWindow *  confine_to,
GdkCursor *  cursor,
guint32  time_ 
) [inline]

References UT_UNUSED.

Referenced by popup_grab_on_window().

void XAP_gdk_pointer_ungrab ( guint32  t  )  [inline]

Referenced by popup_grab_on_window().

void XAP_gtk_color_button_get_rgba ( GtkColorButton *  colorbtn,
GdkRGBA color 
) [inline]
void XAP_gtk_color_button_set_rgba ( GtkColorButton *  colorbtn,
const GdkRGBA color 
) [inline]