AbiWord v2.4.2 ChangeLog

Jean Brefort

  • Enable the pasting of charts from Gnumeric 1.6
  • Fix rendering position, low resolution and editing issues of embedded charts
  • Bugfixes: 9745

Daniel d'Andrada Tenório de Carvalho (INdT)

  • A *massive* number of updates to the OpenDocument importer!
  • An OpenDocument exporter!
  • Bugfixes: 9768, 9768

Rex Dieter

  • Fix bug 171921 from bugzilla.redhat.com

Hubert Figuiere

  • Fix a long standing memory leak in the encoding manager (Unix)
  • Various automated testing routines
  • Fix various memory leaks (one of several 100KB) in the image handling code from the RTF importer (bug 9643)
  • Fix memory leaks in the OpenWriter importer/exporter and other plugins
  • Make the automated testing routines a bit more reliable
  • Kill a lot of compilation warnings
  • Update the OpenDocument plugin build infrastucture (Mac OSX)
  • Bugfixes: 9439

Renato Filho

  • Fix a sponteneous quit on the Nokia 770
  • Initialize osso 'more properly' on the Nokia 770
  • Fix desktop and service files on the Nokia 770
  • Some fixes/cleanups to the file chooser dialog on the Nokia 770
  • Change the toolbar layout for Nokia 770
  • Bugfixes: 9700, 9701

Frank Franklin

  • Update Symbol font-remap table and fix Insert Symbol dialog (Mac OSX)
  • Update the math plugin data files (Mac OSX)
  • Substitute different unicode values for dot, tilde and OverBar in the math plugin
  • Installation README: add note on text rendering (bug 9654, Mac OSX)
  • Math plugin: load dictionary-combining.xml also, don't half the thickness when filling rectangles and make the default line thickness 0.5pt
  • Try to make fillRect more accurate (Mac OSX)
  • Don't add glyph advance to the width for the cmex10 font in glyphBox() (Mac OSX)
  • Math plugin: prevent crash when equation data is mysteriously missing
  • Add a check grammar preference to options dialog (Mac OSX)
  • Bugfixes: 9658

Tomas Frydrych

  • Avoid appending nothing to UT_String
  • Fix various bidi / directionality problems with RTL footnotes (bug 9793)
  • Fix word wrapping in RTL text where it added line brakes in the middle of words (bug 9792)
  • Bugfixes: 9618, 9622

Mark Gilbert

  • Bugfixes: 9473 and/or 8255, 9227

Dom Lachowicz

  • Add a new method called 'convert' which takes a suffix as input to the AbiCommand plugin
  • Use glib for readline argument parsing aka UNIX shell-style parsing in the AbiCommand plugin. It'll properly handle stuff with spaces in its name now.
  • The 'server' command in the AbiCommand plugin now takes an argument; remove lots of unused vars, header files, etc. general-purpose cleanup.
  • Push some logic about when to free streams down from AbiWord into WvWare
  • Remove confusing dead code from the GdkPixbuf loader (Unix)
  • Free the document if we can't import the file
  • Fix various libxml2 related memory leaks
  • Faster and leak-free image detection method (Unix)
  • Remove bits of unused code
  • Fix a crash on bogus-looking token in the MS Word importer
  • Initialize the type of fields in the MS Word importer
  • Stop some illegal writes in the MS Word importer related to fields
  • Remedy load-time regressions caused by UUIDs intended for the AbiCollab project, which is a 2.6+ project
  • (Finally) get image ownership right (i hope) in the MS Word importer
  • Free the memory when we can't decode the pixbuf to a PNG (Unix)
  • Bugfixes: 9667

Roland Kay

  • Update build instructions for MSVC71
  • Bugfixes: 9638

Marc Maurer

  • Build fix for 64-bit architectures
  • Make the OpenDocument plugin depend on a slightly lower libgsf version
  • GCC 4.1 build fix
  • Update the OpenDocument plugin build infrastucture (Windows)
  • Recover properly after a 'system suspend' on the Nokia 770
  • Several plugin build system updates
  • Fix the low image quality when printing (bug 6671, Unix)

Luca Padovani

  • Update the math plugin to sync it with gtkmathview 0.7.6. Fixes include: \hbar works correctly now, as well as several other glyphs (MSAM and MSBM fonts are now supported).

Martin Sevior

  • Don't crash if xft can't find a font (Unix)
  • Fix the placement of the footnote text in the document body after an RTF export (bug 8123)
  • Various fixes for loading the RTF-1.5 specification file
  • Fix underlining of first list-label in the RTF/MS Word importer
  • Fix the AbiCommand plugin "save" command and surpress the HTML dialog when "save as HTML" is called from AbiCommand
  • Bugfixes: 9631

Federico Schwindt

  • OpenBSD build fix (bug 9605)

Robert Staudinger

  • Bugfixes: 9675

Fridrich Strba

  • Revert a previous patch for table importing of Word Perfect documents; optimal results with libwpd 0.8.4
  • Import tabstops correctly in the Word Perfect importer


  • Make the bookmark toolbar button actually respond to document changes (semi-fix for bug 7337) (Windows)
  • Update the OpenDocument plugin build infrastucture (Windows)
  • Prevent dataloss when exporting a document with an equation in it to .txt (i.e. the exporter stopped when it hit PTO_Math).
  • Prevent a crash that occurs when dragging the textbox in attachment 3553 (from bug 9747) without a suitable plugin loaded (note: this issue is different from the one reported in the bug).
  • Tweak the menu to show that the Edit equation and Save embedded object both raise dialogs (Windows)
  • Fix Windows Tools Uninstaller Does Not Remove Grammar Checker Dictionaries (bug 9576)
  • Bugfixes: 9573, 9574, 9575

Robert Wilhelm

  • Unref the pixbuf loader in the image importer, fixes memory leak (Unix)
  • 5% speedup for the RTF 1.5 spec by avoiding lots of setlocale calls
  • Unload all loaded plugins, removes some of the memory leaks shown at shutdown (Unix)
  • Plug a memory leak in the DocBook plugin
  • Plug a memory leak in the menu handling code (Unix)
  • Plug a memory leak in the image handling code (Unix)