AbiWord 2.1.7 "Splashy Blue Tote Bag" Changelog

AbiWord 2.1.7 "Splashy Blue Tote Bag" Changelog

  • Filed bugs fixed

    Bug 4796- german umlauts in name of document steal one character of word count dialog title (Robert Staudinger)
    Bug 5664- Exporting Hebrew text to OpenOffice Writer loses directionality (Robert Staudinger)
    Bug 5693- RTF export the page 2 in italic (ie forget to close it) (Tomas Frydrych)
    Bug 6113- Display Error (redraw offset) with Last Letter of Italicized Text (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 6582- "OO made" Word document imports poorly (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 6785- A table inside a textbox is not redraw (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 6800- Crash when inserting and removing header/footer with document history (Tomas Frydrych)
    Bug 6940- Find & Replace replaces with the wrong thing (Mikey Cooper)
    Bug 6958- prefes window doesn't go away when clicking window decorations "Close" button (Robert Staudinger)
    Bug 6963- Deleting tables leaves pixel dirt, OBO in fmt code? (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 7041- Abi crashes after deactivating plugins (Marc Maurer)
    Bug 7172- Crash after deleting endnote with two endnotes in doc (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 7186- Table selection area not drawn at the right location when table is in textbox (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 7207- Changing text style in _new_ footnote fails (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 7208- Crash on deleting footnote (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 7209- Text style erased when backspacing to previous line (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 7213- Formatting not applied to last letter in endnote/footnote (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 7236- Find and Replace forgets search terms, doesnt' replace all. not very user friendly (Mikey Cooper)
    Bug 7258- Crash when double-clicking on table inserted before turning on doc history (Tomas Frydrych)
    Bug 7280- a subscripted purple T is inserted in this doc from nowhere. (Tomas Frydrych)
    Bug 7286- Crash when spellchecking with a TOC (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 7287- Crash when inserting hyperlink with footnote/endnote selected (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 7289- Underline, bold, etc. incorrect at first line (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 7295- Crash when formatting headers/footers with caret in textbox (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 7297- Crash when typing over a TOC in footnote (Martin Sevior) (Tomas Frydrych)
    Bug 7299- Installer does not download HASH-Files for Dictionaries (Mikey Cooper)
    Bug 7302- Crash when undoing insertion of TOC into styled list with other TOCs (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 7303- Table of Contents corruption (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 7304- Erroneous characters in TOC (Tomas Frydrych)
    Bug 7308- reinserting deleted hdr in full history mode causes crash (Tomas Frydrych)
    Bug 7324- Crash when formatting header with table in header (Tomas Frydrych)
    Bug 7325- Crash when undoing insertion of endnote/footnote over selected text and table (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 7329- Crash when choosing find with table selected (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 7335- Crash when choosing heading style with image selected and TOC in doc (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 7336- Crash when choosing heading style with footnote reference selected and TOC in doc (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 7357- Errors in XS file for Perl Bindings (Marc Maurer)

  • Translations

    • Updated Spanish translation (Francisco Javier F. Serrador)
    • Updated Welsh language translation (Rhoslyn Prys)
    • nl_NL update (Marc Maurer)
    • en_CA translation (Adam Weinberger)
  • Plugins

    • Unbreak plugins that insert graphics (Marc Maurer)
    • Set m_bSectionHasPara to false after inserting a section in OOW import (Marc Maurer)
    • Use the proper magic size in the OOo importer (Marc Maurer)
    • Adds the import of page setup (paper format, margins, orientation) to the OpenWriter plugin (Robert Staudinger)
  • Platform (frontend) specific changes

    • Windows

      • Correcting silly tab->space conversion in VS.NET. (Mikey Cooper)
      • Text wrapping in win32. (Mikey Cooper)
      • Fix VC/Cygwin debugging build (Jordi Mas)
      • Fix Cygwin/VC build. Cygwin/VC can now build against the zlib peer or the precompiled DLLs. (Mikey Cooper)
    • Unix

      • Add application/vnd.ms-word and application/vnd.sun.xml.writer to the list of allowed mime types to drag and drop in the GNOME build (Jon K Hellan)
      • Fix several off by 1 drawing mistakes and update UnixGraphics to cut away some obsolescent hack (Marc Maurer)
      • Minor gtk drawline tweak (Marc Maurer)
      • Fix widget names in the Format Image glade file to be consistent with other dialogs (Marc Maurer)
      • Make the font dialog exit on escape, use GtkTreeView instead of GtkCList and fix the tab ordering (Tim O'Brien)
      • Make desktop file GNOME HIG 2.0-compliant. (Manny)
      • Some GUI work for format Text box. We want to be able to set position to paragraph, column, or page. (Martin Sevior)
      • Disable accompanying widgets when "Has Heading" has been disabled in the TOC dialog (Marc Maurer)
      • Use and depend on gucharmap >= 1.4 (John Spray) (Marc Maurer)
      • s/Alt/Description in the Format Image dialog (Marc Maurer)
  • Other changes

    • Export of revisions into rtf (Tomas Frydrych)
    • Fix a horrible bug manipulating text boxes that left a stray EndFrame strux on every text box manipulation. (Martin Sevior)
    • Disallow deleting footnote struxes with backspace. (Martin Sevior)
    • Import/export of revisions from/to rtf (not fully functional yet) (Tomas Frydrych)
    • Fix typo in ie_imp_RTF that caused hang pasting table. (Martin Sevior)
    • Lots of code towards converting inline-images to positioned images. (Martin Sevior)
    • Revision fixes (Tomas Frydrych)
    • Import of revisions (Tomas Frydrych)
    • Fix the default graphics preference parsing (Tomas Frydrych)
    • Complete the code needed to turn an in-lin eimage to a wrapped positioned one. (Martin Sevior)
    • Positioned Images can now be selected moved and resized. (Martin Sevior)
    • Import of revision markup for paragraphs from rtf (Tomas Frydrych)
    • Some work to fix text wrapping if ther eis a continuous section break on the page. (Martin Sevior)
    • Fix handling of rtf \par keyword (Tomas Frydrych)
    • Handling of \par keyword (Tomas Frydrych)
    • Avoid dereferencing NULL (Tomas Frydrych)
    • Add UT_splitPropsToArray() (Tomas Frydrych)
    • RTF fixes (Tomas Frydrych)
    • String consistency fix (Marc Maurer)
    • Word wrap works on pages with continuous section breaks. (Martin Sevior)
    • Bulletproofing (Tomas Frydrych)
    • Fix two typos (sum1)
    • Fix drawLine and xorLine function prototype (Marc Maurer)
    • Make the image resize boxes always have the same size (Marc Maurer)
    • Several off by 1 drawing fixes (Marc Maurer)
    • Limit HdrFtr auto - resizer to 1/3 page height. (Martin Sevior)
    • Fix perl enabled build (for Perl 5.8.x) (Marc Maurer)
    • Prepare for and release 2.1.7 (Mark Gilbert)