AbiWord 2.0.7-2.0.9 Changes

Mikey Cooper

  • Update the MSVC6 project files to use new zlib peer (Windows)
  • If maximized when entering full-screen, unmax and remax to cover taskbar (Windows, bug 6793)
  • Only show one selected zoom-level in menu (bug 6897)
  • Defer as many screen repaints as possible while entering/leaving fullscreen (Windows)
  • Only toggle tool/statusbars/rulers that need to be toggled. Misc code cleanup. (Windows)
  • Help URLs with spaces now work with Mozilla (Windows, bug 6912)
  • Page Width zoom level now zooms consistently (bug 4968 and 5900)
  • PageUp/Dn near the beginning/end of the document now works (bug 4561)
  • Fix an off-by-one pixeldirt fix at the last page separator in Print View.
  • Various fixes in the Mail Merge dialog (Windows)
  • Convert "Merge Cells" dialog to modeless form (Windows)
  • Keep dialog buttons in sync as merges are made (bug 6740)
  • Improvements to fullscreen responsiveness. It will now enter/leave fullscreen instantly instead of the window animating from Maximized to Normal and back to Maximized view (Windows)
  • Include <iostream> instead of <iostream.h> when compiling under MSVC71 (Windows)
  • Fix build breakage when using the peer Expat library (Windows)

Jeremy Davis

  • The user can read the GPL, but does not need to explicitly 'Agree' to install (Windows, bug 710)

Mark Gilbert

  • Fix build for gcc 3.4, including but not limited to bug 6828
  • Fix a couple of psiconv related build breakages
  • Bugfixes: 6664, 6845
  • Fix AbiWord API incompatibility/regression breaking the build in 2.0.8
  • Fix GTK API incompatibility breaking the build on a number of systems
  • Release 2.0.9 hotfix for above issues

Dom Lachowicz

  • Minor gtk-only bugfix (bug 6782)
  • Handle buffer overflow in wv as reported by iDEFENSE
  • Bugfixes: 6927

Jordi Mas

  • GDI+ support for the graphics importer (Windows)

Marc Maurer

  • Bump version to 2.0.8
  • 2.0.7 Changelog

Martin Sevior

  • Fix crash pasting selected tables and rows (bug 6822)
  • Fix crash on modify styles with caret in lists (bug 6407)
  • Respect margin-before and margin-after of paragraphs before and after tables (bug 5512)
  • Fix crash pasting Footnotes into Headers/Footers (bug 6903)
  • Fix crash changing cells after cell merge (bug 6939)
  • Fix crash when inserting a break in an endnote (bug 6942)
  • Really fix the crash when selecting a style with a table selected (bug 6917)
  • Fix the crash when inserting footnote/endnote fields from the field dialog (bug 6809)
  • Fix crash on list type style after selecting a table (bug 6904)
  • Fix crash with footnotes next to endnote (bug 6922)
  • Fix crash when inserting a table into footnotes/endnotes
  • Fix hang and crash on undo turning off nested lists (bug 4361)
  • List changes should keep selection (bug 1679)
  • Some work towards fixing "Paste messes up complex formatting" (bug 1730)
  • Fix crash on indent (bug 6734)

Fridrich Strba

  • Add the ability to import linebreaks from WordPerfect documents; functionality which will be present in libwpd v0.7.2


  • Position and Alignment in Page Numbers dialog are now two separate radiobutton groups (Windows, bug 5150)
  • Limit the number of rows and columns in the Insert Table dialog to 1-9999 as opposed to 0-9999 (Windows)
  • Allow hyperlinks longer than length of text box to be entered (Windows, bug 6521)
  • Limit the page scale in the Page Setup dialog to 1.0-1000.0 (Windows, bug 6743)
  • Make the Open/Save dialog properly recognize .zabw file extensions (Windows, bug 7069)


Zaklina Gjalevska: Updated Macedonian translations (bug 6918)