AbiWord v2.0.12 ChangeLog

Tim O'Brien

  • Make the font dialog exit on escape, use GtkTreeView instead of GtkCList and fix the tab ordering

Mikey Cooper

  • Enable "OK" button of win32 Insert Bookmark dialog only if bookmark name field contains text and enable "Delete" button only if a valid hyperlink is selected. Dialog now also honors suggested bookmark name (bug 2468)

Jeremy Davis

  • Use ut_math.h not math.h if you need rint (MSVC build fix)

Hubert Figuiere

  • Update fribidi URL

Tomas Frydrych

  • Fix buffer overrun that was causing us problems in RTF importer
  • Fix file corruption when text was pasted from a web page (Windows, bug 3579)

Dom Lachowicz

  • Fix grayscale/alpha PNG printing in the GTK version (bug 3121)
  • Import style names correctly from MS Word documents (7118)
  • Bugfixes: 6427, 6959 the first part

Jordi Mas

  • Remove unnecesary code that was slowing down a lot operations, especially pasting (Windows)
  • Fix the crash when entering blank in font window (Windows, bug 7090)

Marc Maurer

  • Fix crash after deactivating plugins (bug 7041)
  • Bump version to 2.0.12

Martin Sevior

  • Fix underline, bold, etc. incorrect at first line (bug 7289)
  • Fix the event where the first space typed in the document caused a new document to be created (bug 7292)

Robert Staudinger

  • Bugfixes: 7365


  • Fix bug where "the very last character can't be selected" (bug 4896)
  • Bugfixes: 6623

Robert Wilhelm

  • Fix some MS Word documents without password are treated as password-protected (bugs 1876, 7178)
  • Don't let the MS Word importer crash on a random rubbish file (bug 6156)
  • Bugfixes: 3294, 2633 partially, 6972 (the crash part)