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Unit Test is a part of the Testing Framework. It performs basic testing of individual code units.



content writing

make test

It will run under Valgrind if configure did detect it.

Here is the sample output of a test from a real bug:

Testing "UT_LocaleTransactor" in ut_locale.t.cpp:
! ut_locale.t.cpp:35     strstr(msg, "1,0") == msg                                       ok
! ut_locale.t.cpp:37     strcmp(setlocale(LC_NUMERIC, NULL), "fr_FR") == 0 ok
! ut_locale.t.cpp:41     NOT(strcmp(setlocale(LC_NUMERIC, NULL), "fr_FR") == 0) ok
! ut_locale.t.cpp:43     strstr(msg, "1.0") == msg                                       ok
! ut_locale.t.cpp:44     strcmp(setlocale(LC_NUMERIC, NULL), "C") == 0 ok
! ut_locale.t.cpp:46     strcmp(setlocale(LC_NUMERIC, NULL), "fr_FR") == 0 FAILED
! ut_locale.t.cpp:48     strstr(msg, "1,0") == msg                                       FAILED
! tf_test.cpp:119       new_valgrind_errs == old_valgrind_errs  ok
memleaks: sure:112 dubious:800 reachable:451080 suppress:0
! tf_test.cpp:123       new_valgrind_leaks == old_valgrind_leaks ok

As you can see, some test pass, some fails. The last 3 lines are for Valgrind. If they fail, then there is a Valgrind error in the code: a memory leak.

How to write test

Writing UnitTest is not really hard, if you understand the code. Sometime it is tricky because some classes are not meant to be used alone.

Directory structure

Every directory that contains code has a t directory the contains its test.

The support code for the UnitTest is in abi/src/af/tf/xp/.

The files are organized to match the source code files. They have the same name but with the .t.cpp suffix. (.t.mm for Objective-C++ file where applicable).


Here is a sample test for UT_Vector:

TFTEST_MAIN("UT_GenericVector basics")
                  UT_GenericVector<char *> v;

                  TFPASS(v.getItemCount() == 0);
                  TFFAIL(v.getItemCount() == 0);

TFTEST_MAIN is a macro to declare the test function.

TFPASS() is a macro to check some condition that should be true

TFFAIL() is a macro to check a condition that should be false



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