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General Notes

It is recommended, where possible, to use the version of AbiWord provided by your Linux (or other *nix-like operating system) distribution, so that it integrates best with your package management. When a suitable version is not available, you may choose to compile it yourself from source. Alternatively, file a bug with your distribution to encourage them to include or update AbiWord. Except in limited cases where AbiWord developers have direct upload privileges to a distribution's servers, the AbiSource does not control downstream packages. Find your distribution below to learn about how to easiest install

Distribution-Specific Instructions

AbiSource Contributed and Official Distribution Packages

Here, the version in your distribution was contributed by an AbiSource developer, and is almost certainly the latest version. Lucky you!

AbiSource Contributed but Unofficial Distribution Packages

If your distribution appears here, encourage them to contact the listed developer to incorporate the latest package version into the official repository. It means that either your distribution does not distribute AbiWord (why not?) or includes an outdated version (what a shame...) - file a bug with them to join the lucky group above!

Other Distributions

Distributions here include varying versions of AbiWord, and no AbiSource developer has produced newer packages.

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