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  • AbiWordDevelopment - Plans, brainstorming, big open issues
  • Unit Test - Code unit testing framework
  • Annotations - Implementation if annotations, part of Summer of Code 2007
  • AbiCollab - Plugin to allow instant collaboration between users of AbiWord. What you type appears in their document as you type and vice versa.
  • AbiWord SDK - Starting from version 2.6 it is possible to link in libabiword and use all of abiword's powerful document processing features in either GUI or server applications.
  • PyAbiWord - Python bindings to AbiWidget
  • AbiWidget - A Word Processing canvas that is a genuine GtkWidget and used as such
  • PyAbiWordMethods - A list of the methods implemented for the Python bindings of AbiWidget
  • AbiCommand - Command line interface into AbiWord. With this you can run Abiword in a server environment to do document processing. Very, very useful for sophisticated web servers.
  • Windows Unicode Port - The remaining issues left to fix after having ported trunk to Unicode on Windows.
  • HTML exporter - Plugin for exporting Abiword document to HTML/XHTML files
  • EPUB plugin - Plugin for exporting Abiword document to EPUB2 and EPUB3 file formats. Example of HTML exporter and importer plugins usage for building custom plugin.

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