Re: Having spelling mistakes NOT underlined

Jacques Du Pasquier (
Mon, 20 Sep 1999 18:41:57 +0200 (CEST)

Jeff Hostetler wrote (20.9.1999/10:40) :
> [2] try getting a french dictionary. (i've not tried this,
> but it "ought" to work.) we use ispell internally, so if you
> have a french ispell dictionary [try `locate "*.hash"` or
> `locate ispell`], edit your AbiWord profile to use it instead
> of our american one. again, change "_builtin_" to "custom"
> and then change SpellCheckWordList to "french.hash". and put
> a copy of this file in the AbiSuite dictionary directory (or
> change SpellCheckDirectory to "/usr/ispell/..." or whatever).

As mentionned elswhere, I did just that.

It works, with an important exception that makes it unusable : it
flags all words with accentuated characters as spelling errors.

Probably some little thingie to change to make ispell support work
with French, too !

If you want I can send you francais.hash, the French dic, so that you
can test ?


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