Re: crashing while importing .doc

Jacques Du Pasquier (
Sat, 18 Sep 1999 23:21:20 +0200 (CEST)

I'm just jumping in, sorry if this has been said already, however, I
do have terrible crashes (actually it's more like AbiWord taking up
all the system resources to such a point that you have not enough left
to kill it) while opening .doc files even when NOT password protected
with 0.7.5.

There is an error message saying something like (sorry, but I'm not
really willing to do another try, after 2 successive such crashes on 2
unrelated files) :

"The FIB lied to us !! Trying to read from other table flow, hold on

This is sure amusing, but the results were not, sort of near death,
near Win95 experience inside Linux. Scary.


mekka[atheistica] a écrit (18.9.1999/03:05) :
> > Let me add to Shaw's response.
> >
> > What this means is that you are trying to read a Word document that is
> > password protected. That functionality is not in the 0.7.5 build of
> > AbiWord, but Caolan has added this in the past week.
> >
> > If you are uncomfortable recompiling to get a copy of AbiWord with the bits
> > still warm, wait for 0.7.6, which should read the Word document in
> > question. 0.7.6 will be out sometime the first part of October, give or
> > take how much other feature refinement such as this goes on.
> ok i'll wait have time. this job is a bit scaring to me (even if it shouldnt;-))
> thanx
> mek

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