fully abiword;-)

mekka[atheistica] (mek@antenna.nl)
Fri, 17 Sep 1999 07:17:30 +0200

dear abi's,
i got a bit different question.
i really would like to see that people would once prefer abiword in the place
of ms-word, especially because of the microsoft agressive way to make his
word-programs THE standard of tekstprocessors, and i could say very much
more critic about this company in redmond, but probably everyone knows it

so my wish is that i really would like to see many many people switching to a
open-source program like abiword. people who are busy too much with other
things that they even did'nt ever hear about something like open-source or
i would like to make an announcement of abiword in the various mailing-lists
where i am subscribed to. mailinglists who are idealistic ones, who talk about
environment, animal-rights, social housing, squatting, antifascism etcetc.
these people would like to use a program like abiword, at least for the
idealistic behind it, and i am really sick of people of these lists that when
they send attachements with .doc at the end. i am sick to write them back that
i refuse to try to open a word-file and so they have to save it as .rtf or .txt
but noone else seems to care, probably because everyone uses word.

so at the end my question is, when will the release of abiword come out, wich
makes it an option to bring it to people who do not follow all the changes, and
are not gonna upgrade it monthly, but just that one who is fully featured and
gives an alternative to ms his word.


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