Word 97 import function

Bernard Burns (BBurns@sikorsky.com)
Tue, 07 Sep 1999 09:50:49 -0400

Hey great job. I was having problemsimporting Word docs before 0.7.5.
This seems to work very nicely now. I'm able to open moderately complex
documents and work with them (though there are some formatting issues).
This is more than enough to make it my daily word processor. Later Word,
you're history.
I've also seen talk of XML support. Is this going to happen soon? This
would be pretty nice to have. I have to admit that I like WordPerfect
office 2000 and the way it can deal with both SGML and XML. I would love
to see this level of support in AbiWord.
Anyway you've got an absolutely cool product. Great work.

B.J. Burns

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