RE: Doc Auto Save / Fast Save / Threads [Was: Instability]

Randal (
Mon, 15 Nov 1999 15:09:44 -0800

>On first save, the document is saved as normal.
>Then, every 5 min, or so, all the changes to the document would be appended
>some sort of <abichanges>...</abichanges> section which would provide a
>of diff approach, but not line by line but actual changes. If we have the
>redo (reapplication of an undo) functionality implemented in abiword, we
>should be able to load the orig document followed by all the abichanges,
>use the redo functionality to rechange/reapply everything. That is atleast
>what Word does, from what I could gather.

Much like the version save in Word. Allows you to save each interation of
the document and allow to revert to previous versions. Very cool for

Randy Powell
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