re: failed compile...just me?

Jeff Hostetler (
Thu, 20 May 1999 13:38:06 -0500

>Hi all.
>I was just wondering whether a compile fail when making
>xap_UnixDlg_FontChooser.o is unique to me, or caused by a lack in a
>dependency? I've installed the fonts, but haven't added the path to fp
>I guess what I'm wondering is, am I missing something? zlib, zlib-devel,
>expat and libpng are installed, so I
>really have trouble seeing what the problem is. Thanks for your help!

sounds like you're getting a compile error during the build.
the fonts and X fp are not used until the application is run.

could you send us more information on the compiler error.
just copy the relevant section of the output into an email
back to us.


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