Re: Debugging trace (was: Program won't run [was Re: Can't compile cvs version (libwv)])

Arcady Genkin (
31 Jul 1999 14:31:35 -0400

Jeff Hostetler <> writes:

> could i get you to add a debug message at a key spot and let me know what it
> prints out ?? it appears that m_DefaultTabInterval is zero (which would
> cause the infinite loop you saw earlier). i could just fix the loop (and will
> later), but i'm curious why it is zero -- it is pretty much computed from
> constants
> (as in "0.5in" * screen_resolution/inch). so i'm wondering if there is a
> library
> or initialization problem somewhere....
> anyway, if you could put the following debugmsg in
> abi/src/text/fmt/xp/fl_BlockLayout.cpp
> at line 332 (or so)
> UT_DEBUGMSG(("XXXX: [default-tab-interval:%s][yields %d][resolution
> %d][zoom %d]\n",
> getProperty("default-tab-interval"),
> pG->convertDimension(getProperty("default-tab-interval")),
> pG->getResolution(),
> pG->getZoomPercentage()));
> right before this line:
> m_iDefaultTabInterval =
> pG->convertDimension(getProperty("default-tab-interval"));
> and let me know what it prints out, that would be a big help. as i said we've
> heard reports of it before, but haven't ever been able to isolate it....

Jeff, I was incredibly busy for a couple of days, so I was only able
to do this just now. Below is what I got:

| DEBUG: XXXX: [default-tab-interval:0.5in][yields 0][resolution
| 100][zoom 100]

HTH. Now I'll update the cvs tree, and see if your fix works. ;^)

Arcady Genkin
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