Re: Program won't run [was Re: Can't compile cvs version (libwv)]

Arcady Genkin (
29 Jul 1999 15:58:23 -0400

Jeff Hostetler <> writes:

> >build. However it won't run now -- I mean it opens the window + the
> >splash screen and hangs right there. I tried running it with -nosplash
> >option, this disables the splash, but the program won't run in any
> >case...
> >
> >The terminal window where I ran it from doesn't show any error
> >messages.
> could you take a quick look at it with the debugger and try to see
> where it's hanging or what it's looping on ?? from your earlier
> note, you system and library versions look ok; it's odd that it
> won't do anything....

Jeff, thanks for your reply.

I'm a relatively new to the programming scene, so forgive me if I did
smth wrong.

First of all I'd like to comment that I just found out that "make
install" installed everything under /AbiSuite instead of
/usr/local/AbiSuite as it's promissed on the web page. ;^) In any
case, I changed into /AbiSuite/bin, had a look at AbiWord script, and
figured out to do the following:

main:/AbiSuite/bin# export ABISUITE_HOME=/AbiSuite
main:/AbiSuite/bin# export ABISUITE_FONT_HOME=$ABISUITE_HOME/fonts
main:/AbiSuite/bin# xset fp+ $ABISUITE_FONT_HOME

Then I ran "gdb AbiWord_d". Once inside it, I did "set args
-nosplash", and then "run". The program started, and hung as
previously. There were no messages of any sort in gdb shell. I had to
do "Ctrl-C" inside it to close AbiWord's window. Here's the only info
that appeared in gdb:

(gdb) set args -nosplash
(gdb) run
Starting program: /AbiSuite/bin/./AbiWord_d -nosplash

Program received signal SIGINT, Interrupt.
0x808d518 in AP_TopRuler::_drawTabProperties ()

Please tell me if this is in any way helpful, and whether there's
smthing else I could do to track down the problem.


Arcady Genkin
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