Re: AbiWord set to open default .txt

Jeff Hostetler (
Tue, 27 Jul 1999 10:30:01 -0500

i've updated bug #376 to include the problem you've described.
file associations and etc are somewhat of a black art with more
reverse engineering than engineering (given the lack of (and
quality of the) documentation on the subject)....


At 09:54 AM 7/27/99 +0100, Nicholas Horwood wrote:
>Hi there
>I've got AW 0.73 on a PC win98 and I've set the default app to open .txt
>files as AbiWord instead of notepad. I also changed the default icon to a
>nice big blue A for good measure, but when i d-click on a .txt file,
>AbiWord loads, opens a seemingly random number of windows (1 to 3 so far)
>none of which have the .txt file open.
>Is this a known problem?

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