Re: Suggestion: don't add an Options dialogue!
Mon, 12 Jul 1999 17:16:41 EDT

In a message dated 12.7.1999 06.21.58 US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

> I like the design goal that AbiWord 'should Just Work'. I think that an
> Options dialogue would be misplaced and that it would be a mistake to add
> one, for as long as it can be resisted.
If an options dialogue is not provided, it might be nice to still be able to
edit the options, perhaps by providing in the package an explanation of the
profile file. Some stuff (preferred printer settings, initial font/size,
initial zoom) are user-specific.

I really hope the zoom-rewrap thingie is fixed soon. It makes it very hard
to consider it WYSIWYG when little of the text is on the same lines on the
printout }:-)

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