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Jonathan Masters (
Tue, 10 Aug 1999 01:35:04 +0100

I can't see the trees behind my neighbour's house, any chance he can knock
it down? The point? Sort your messages by source address not by header,
don't expect others tochange for you, be adaptive.


Arcady Genkin wrote:

> Hi all:
> I'd like to bitch a little bit. ;^) I'm subscribed to many a mailing
> list, so I sort my mail by contents of its headers. Now, having a look
> at the headers of the mailings from this list, I just see no
> distinctive property to sort it by. Any chance of inserting
> "X-mailing-list" or anything of the kind?
> I had a rule to sort by destination address
> "" just to discover that some messages are
> destined to "". Just after I added that
> address to my filters setup, a message came in for
> ""... Just how many other aliases
> are there?
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> Arcady Genkin
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> of eternal blessedness in the other world..." (S. Kierkegaard)

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