Re: IRIX compile problems with abiword >= 0.7.0

Shaw Terwilliger (
Wed, 4 Aug 1999 17:27:31 -0500

Bob Monaghan wrote:
> I got the application to compile as an dynamically linked program. (After
> *quite* a bit of work). However, I gave up, when I discovered that much of
> the makefile and installation didn't work, either. Its a shame that it is
> fairly difficult install, as well, because Abiword looks really promising.
> I haven't tried again, since 0.7.1.

Last night I received this message and finally found an account
on an IRIX box to try the compile on...

With GCC, GNU make, GLIB and GTK 1.2.3, and system-installed
zlib and libpng libraries, it compiled with zero changes to the
source tree. I did have to set my CC environment variable to "gcc"
so that wv's configure script new to avoid IRIX's CC.

I did change the settings so that the installed GCC
wouldn't enforce strict ANSI standards. IRIX's system headers
were doing things that weren't ANSI standard at GCC release
time (__long_long, etc.). I tried using the native IRIX cc and
CC, but they were choking on sgidefs.h and some other native
SGI headers. GCC produced working executables.

I'll try to throw up an IRIX build (dynamic and static) if
anyone wants them, but since I only have a temporary account
on the machine, I can't coordinate official release builds.

> **Flame on**
> As far as the "Open Source" idea goes, I applaud the authors for their
> efforts! But "Open Source" doesn't imply "Open Architecture" or "Universal
> Code". Much polishing needs to be done to the code in order to have the
> application compile on the SGI, or other unix platforms (other than linux),
> by the looks of it. It appeared to me, that when I was trying to work thru
> a lot of issues with Abiword as a "user", that I was on my own. The authors
> were ignoring my progress reports, that I posted to this mailling list, and
> likely, were probably more interested in making the code work for their
> "target list" of platforms. I grew frusterated, and dropped the effort.
> (Note: I was never a abi developer, never accessed their developer area,
> either, maybe some Irix person was there... don't know..) Anyways, no help
> was forthcoming from the Abi people.
> **Flame off**

We try to make our code as portable and generic as possible with
the limited resources we have. We don't have every flavor of
Unix each on its own proprietary hardware to do our own testing
but gladly accept any patches we can get from others that do.
We've received and from generous developers,
but no one here had time to verify that these makefiles worked
(having no SGI machines here).

I'm sorry I couldn't offer more help with your specific problems
(signal handlers in the print dialog, if I remember correctly),
but frankly I just didn't know the IRIX headers nor have access to
an installation to look around.

Currently the box that I did the build on is unavailable...
it should be back sometime tonight. I'll mail the
out to the list and commit the changes to CVS.

If I have time I'll post a binary build for people to use.

Shaw Terwilliger

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