Re: Word 97 table import feature

Shaw Terwilliger (
Wed, 4 Aug 1999 12:10:26 -0500

Keith Wear wrote:
> There is an open source program called MSWordView that is able to
> convert a MS Word 97 table into HTML.

Yeah, I've heard of it. :)

> point. MSWordView's home page is at
> and it is GPL'd so the
> Abiword developers should be able to use the code to improve the Word 97
> import features.

The Word importer as of 0.7.4 is MSWordView, in a library format
known as "wv" or "libwv." We've been working closely with Caolan (the
author of MSWordView) and Justin Bradford to enable AbiWord to
use all the features of MSWordView through a library interface.
Caolan has done a nice job of creating a callback interface
to libwv and Justin has been adding code to the AbiWord importer
to translate Word file constructs into internal document features.

MSWordView does support tables, right now AbiWord doesn't. :)
The good news is that eventually, when AbiWord gets all the UI work
out of the way to support them, it shouldn't be more than a few
days' work to add code to the AbiWord importer to handle any
table data it gets from libwv.

Shaw Terwilliger

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