Word 97 table import feature

Keith Wear (keith.wear@wcom.com)
Wed, 04 Aug 1999 10:30:02 -0600

disclaimer: This is not an indictment, merely a request for

There is an open source program called MSWordView that is able to
convert a MS Word 97 table into HTML. I tried version 0.7.4 of abiword
and it does not handle tables well (if at all). I have a friend who
could end his dual boot days if he had a piece of software on Linux that
could import and export tables in MS Word 97 format. Is there a plan to
work on tables in the future, which has just not been begun? Didn't
there used to be a roadmap of features on the abisource web site? I
can't find it. Also, there was a great article at the inception of
Abiword about a certain feature that was in Word that would never be
included in Abiword. It was a feature that was incredibly obscure and
of little use to most people (if anyone). I can't find that article, if
anyone knows what I am babbling about. Anyway, back to my original
point. MSWordView's home page is at
http://www.csn.ul.ie/~caolan/docs/MSWordView.html and it is GPL'd so the
Abiword developers should be able to use the code to improve the Word 97
import features. Maybe they already know about this code and it is just
incompatible with the abiword architecture. I don't know. I'd like to

Keith Wear

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