Re: AbiWord 0.7.4

Lan Barnes (
Tue, 03 Aug 1999 14:10:25 -0700

Nicholas Horwood wrote:
> cool
> ok, i downloaded it and installed fine.
> when i navigate in the tool bar [File Edit View Insert Format...] it
> crashes at the insert menu. You have to flick through the menus a couple
> of times. Just single click on File, and wave your mouse about from one
> menu to another and when you have opened [Insert] a couple of times,
> bingo, hang and crash.
> cheers
> Nicholas Horwood
> linux 2.2 RedHat distrib, Abiword 0.7.4

I can confirm this behavior. RH 6.0 w/ Gnome update, AbiWord
0.7.4. Also, closing a document exits AbiWord.

It won't read any old RTF files I saved from Abiword, but reads
its own quite nicely. That's probably to be expected.

I'm growing to feel real affection for this program. Thanks!

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