Printing a No10 envelope in Abiword?

From: Bob Dundon <>
Date: Fri Apr 13 2007 - 22:37:05 CEST

Using Abiword 2.4.6 on a fully updated Archlinux system, Gnome 2.18.0,
CUPS 1.2.10-1.

Does anyone have a step-by-step on setting up a template for printing
No10 envelopes? Or a template they are wiling to share?

Things I have tried so far:

(1) I tried importing my OOo No10 envelope as a .odt file. The layout
came in but the text boxes did not.

(2) selected File>Page Setup..., in the dialog that opens I selected
Envelope No10 as the paper size and checked the radio button for
Landscape. Created my envelope text, tried Print Preview, looks perfect.
Before trying to print, I checked the printer settings for my HP2710,
under the Paper tab the print settings are for Envelope No10 in
Landscape...the Preview image in the dialog looks correct.

However, when I print, the return address text prints about 2/3 the way
down the envelope (envelope fed into printer on a short side, landscape)
as if in portrait view.

Does anyone have any tips on what I might be doing wrong or other


Bob Dundon
Pleasant Hill, CA USA

public key available under at
GPG-FP 72F5 56CB 16E5 D357 E6AE 128E 7BF9 6DED 0BE5 5FB0

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