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From: Thomas Mueller-Wirts <>
Date: Fri Sep 15 2006 - 10:04:33 CEST

Hello together,
In a (WinXP) application I'm creating measurement reports, including
standard text (like "Dear User,..."), created text (like "result is
1.234"), tables and graphics (bitmaps with photos and result graphics).
The reports are created from a template file of the same format; the
keywords are replaced by the result text strings.
Up to now I used RTF format and used Windows standard WordPad for
displaying the RTF reports to the user. As commonly known WordPad has a
lot of bugs, is instable, etc. So I found AbiWord able to handle RTF,
and being very convenient, flexible and mighty. It works well, but one
important thing I am missing (or didn't find in the documentation):
The graphics cannot be linked to the original files (as possible in
WordPad): When the user opens the created report, the template graphics
have to be updated to the actual graphics.
In principle this could better be done using HTML instead of RTF. Here
the graphics are never included, but only linked. I thought about
changing to HTML, which also is handled by AbiWord conveniently, but
here the problem happened, that TABs disappeared completely.
Maybe normal TABs are a problem with HTML (I'm not that familiar with
HTML), so I created a table. Here the problem appeared that additional
empty lines were created within the table, when I reload the same text
by AbiWord.
If I created a table within an HTML text with another HTML editor this
cannot be read by AbiWord: "Parse error loading...".
So, in conclusion, if one of the described problems could be solved I am

1) Linking a bitmap graphic to an RTF file, so it is updated while
opening the file
2) TABs disappear using HTML save and load
3) Tables create another empty lines
4) Externally created HTML, containing tables, cannot be loaded

Thanks, Thomas

TEM Messtechnik GmbH
Dr. Thomas Mueller-Wirts
Grosser Hillen 38
D-30559 Hannover, Germany
Tel.: +49 (0)511 510896 -31, FAX: -38

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