Re: Palm plug-in für Mac

From: Ryan Pavlik <>
Date: Wed Jun 28 2006 - 00:26:18 CEST

Hubert Figuiere wrote:
>> I am using Abiword für Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger).
>> Somewhere I have read that there is a plugin that enables Abiword to save in
>> the right format for Palm or to export it that way.
>> I would love to be able to sync Abiword documents with my palm. I have been
>> searching all over the internet, but did not find that plugin. Somebody has
>> an idea?
> If it does not come build with AbiWord then the only solution is to
> build it yourself. However I don't really know its status if it even works.
> Alternative: save as html and have plucker convert it.
> for Plucker
> Hub

I do know that the plugin is available in the Import/Export Plugins
installer for Windows, however, I do not know its quality. The plucker
solution may be the better one here regardless of whether or not you can
save to Palm DOC (PDB) format directly from AbiWord.

Ryan Pavlik
AbiWord Win32 Platform Maintainer
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