Re: Making life dfficult.

From: Hubert Figuiere <>
Date: Tue Jun 27 2006 - 22:47:34 CEST

John Culleton wrote:
> There is nothing in life so simple, so universally understood, so
> foolproof but that some eager beaver can't complicate it beyond belief.
> I upgraded my Slack system and in the process Abiword disappeared.]

I don't know why I'm not surprised.

Let me phrase is quickly: Slackware is no longer a distribution user
friendly. If you have trouble compiling software yourself, better get a
more user friendly distribution like Debian, Fedora, SuSE, Ubuntu, etc.


> No problem, I could just download the latest version and install, right?
> Wrong. The install directions were a totally new adventure, but I was
> reassured I only had to do most of it once. After going through all the
> instructions I got down to the bottom of the page where it said in
> essence you could just download a tarball and do it the easy way. So,
> muttering imprecations under my breath I did that. Then I started
> through the familiar ./configure, make make install sequence.
> The configure blew up because I didn't have a file called gconf2. The
> instructions at that point suggested that I find that file or a file
> with a similar name on my Slack system. None such available.
> However the old version of Abiword was available on my Slack 10.2 disk
> so I installed that and things went forward as expected.
> I suggest that if the instructions for a conventional install are given
> they should be given first. That would save a lot of time. I also
> suggest that if something called gconf2 is required, and it isn't a
> standard component in e.g., slackware, then it shold be included in said
> tarball, or a more readily available file used instead.
> As for me I will continue to use the old Abiword for such things as
> converting doc files to rtf and so on. I wasted a lot of time today and
> finally ended up with the old version anyway. Whatever virtues the newer
> version has I will never know. It isn't worth the hassle to find out.
> (end grump)
> John Culleton
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