Re: equation editing at abi word

From: Ryan Pavlik <>
Date: Sun Jun 18 2006 - 21:54:23 CEST wrote:
> yotam wrote:
>> hello
>> I'm trying to use abi word only I must have equation edditing for my
>> needs (as I am a university student).
>> I konw abi word uses latex for equation edditing but there is no
>> documentation about using latex at abi word ( none that I could find.
>> any way) I wonder is there some thing like this?
> As far as I know, there's no documentation for equation editing. You
> can either insert a file that contains MathML or enter a LaTeX
> equation manually by using the Insert > Equation menu options.
Most standard LaTeX "Math Mode" expressions are accepted - feel free to
look up "itex" or "itex2mml", the tool integrated with AbiWord, for more
information about what LaTeX commands are supported.

Hope this helps!

Ryan Pavlik
AbiWord Win32 Platform Maintainer
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