From: Beartooth <beartooth_at_adelphia.net>
Date: Wed Jun 07 2006 - 20:49:38 CEST

In the course of discussion with an unenlightened good friend, I'm looking
to refute the contention that linux can never hope to amount to anything
because of M$ market domination particularly with office apps; he says you
have to be able to copy & past between Excel and Word, etc.

I rarely use any word processor, and then only for the most elementary
purposes; I've never had to use any M$ office app whatever, nor ever will,

I know Abiword can do a lot of things I've never even needed to know about
-- like what a spreadsheet is, or a power point, let alone a slide show
(if there's now a computer thing called that). And I assume that at least
one reason Abiword opens so much faster than OOo is that it doesn't have
to prepare itself for all sorts of things too fierce to mention.

The friend however, poor soul, is condemned to such work for a few more
years. Otoh, he runs MS mainly just because it's not Apple, which he
detests even more. He might be interested in trying linux if I can find
knowledgeable assurance that he can do what he must with it.

Can anyone help?

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Remember I have little idea what I am talking about.
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