RE: AbiWord - .doc to pdf command line conversion

From: Scott Prelewicz <>
Date: Tue Jun 06 2006 - 22:14:41 CEST

We do have CUPS installed. According to the sysadmin, we have
libgnomeprint 2.2 installed.

Running it under gdb, I see it breaks at

XAP_UnixFont::fetchXftFont ()

asking 'where' gives me about 15 more, but it seems to start at
fetchXftFont. I thought maybe it was possible we just didn't have
correct fonts installed, but running a .doc through with fonts that are
known to be installed creates the same errors.

I could of course be way off, not knowing much about the innards of
AbiWord. Before I submit to bugzilla, I wanted to be sure we've tried
everything, so I'm wondering if the above gdb error can clarify
something first.

Thanks again,

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Scott Prelewicz wrote:
> Dom and Ryan,
> I removed the WordPerfect Plugin, and it got rid of some error
> however I am left with this one. Notice the libgsf error is gone.
>>> abiword --to=/tmp/foo.pdf /tmp/bar.doc
> ** (abiword:14913): WARNING **: failed request with status 1030
> Aborted

Just out of curiosity: do you have CUPS installed and runing? Since PDF
conversion require libgnomeprint and libgnomeprint somewhat relies on
CUPS, that might be the loophole. If that is the case, which version of
libgnomeprint do you have.


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