Setting standard start font to "Arial"...How?

From: Marc <>
Date: Tue Nov 08 2005 - 13:17:24 CET

I have been trying to solve this myself, but somehow I seem to be too stupid:
Starting Abiword 2.4.1, it opens a standard template using "Times New Roman" as font. How can I set this to Arial?
Don't get me wrong: I know how to change the "Normal" style to Arial, the problem is that I want AbiWord to use that font type as standard when
starting. I have tried to open several templates ("A4", "normal" etc.) and changed them so that they use Arial as a standard. But none of the
templates I changed is the one Abiword uses when starting.
I guess this should be quite easy to solve, but I don't get the point.

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