Re: Bug message

From: J.M. Maurer <>
Date: Mon May 30 2005 - 15:20:05 CEST

> You used to have a vote on bug 1374, but it has been removed.
> Reason: The rules for voting on this product has changed; you had too
> many total votes, so all votes have been removed.
> Votes removed: 1
> You have no more votes remaining on this bug.
> Is this a genuine message? How can *one* vote be too many? If it is
> genuine, does this mean that if we vote for a bug in future, our
> vote(s) are likely to be removed?

The message was genuine. Votes have been disabled for some time now (for
various reasons, which are archived somewhere in our mailing list

Yesterday we were changing the bugzilla setup, and set the vote maximum
to 0. We didn't expect everyone to be spammed by the change, as votes
were disabled before. Uunfortunately several hundred mails were sent
out. Sorry about that...


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