Re: Bug message

From: <>
Date: Mon May 30 2005 - 11:32:36 CEST

Keith Powell wrote:
> I have received a message from
> saying,
> You used to have a vote on bug 1374, but it has been removed.
> Reason: The rules for voting on this product has changed; you had too
> many total votes, so all votes have been removed.
> Votes removed: 1
> You have no more votes remaining on this bug.
> Is this a genuine message? How can *one* vote be too many? If it is
> genuine, does this mean that if we vote for a bug in future, our
> vote(s) are likely to be removed?

Hi Keith,

Back in March, Bugzilla voting was disabled (see
without taking into account Bugzilla's longstanding bug that couples
voting with the "unconfirmed" state (see Unfortunately, on
the recent upgrade to Bugzilla 2.18.1, this bug became noticeable in our
own installation as every newly submitted report was being marked as
"new" instead of "unconfirmed". Due to this, votes had to be re-enabled
and the maximum number of votes was changed to 0. I personally apologize
for the email message(s), because I changed the settings. Unlike some
other projects that use Bugzilla, we use the "unconfirmed" state, so it
was important to not have every single new issue marked as "new". I hope
this clears things up, and again I apologize for those messages.
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