Re: Weirdness with c&p

From: <>
Date: Sun May 08 2005 - 21:57:52 CEST

Bear Tooth wrote:
> Initial disclaimer: I do little to no word-processing myself; so I
> don't know enough of the terms of art to search the archives; my wife
> does, and I'm the nearest thing we've got to tech support. She is
> running 2.0.1-2, according to rpm -q, under Fedora Core 1 on an old
> pentium 2.
> (Incidentally, I tried "yum update abiword" on my own machine, also
> running FC1, and got a message telling me that abiword-2.0.1-2 is the
> latest available from the repos. I also tried downloading 2.2.7 from
>, and rpm -Uvh got me a couple of dependency failures. If
> chasing those down is the cure for what follows, I'll try it -- in my
> trusty amorous porcupine suit : she's working on writing a book, and I
> hesitate to get ahead of the fedora-legacy folks if there's another way.)
> Copy and paste were working normally until recently.
> Now, when she tries to copy and paste (either within a document, or
> between two), the pasting function puts in only part of what was
> highlighted when she gave the copy command. I tried it too, using
> right-click, using ^C and ^V, and using the pop-down Edit menu. The
> unsatisfactory results were the same all three ways, afaict.
> When, after an incomplete paste, you hit delete, you sometimes get a
> different part of what should have been pasted before, pasted then,
> along with deletion of what you were trying to delete. That can happen
> repeatedly -- once per line, I think.
> You may or may not also get odd symbols, such as the backward P
> which I think of as a paragraph sign, an uppercase I with a line across
> it, or others that I'm at a loss to describe.

This sounds like a combination of copy and paste bugs that affected
earlier versions of 2.0.x (e.g. Bugs 5432 and Bug 6143). I do not
recommend using 2.0.1 and strongly encourage you to use 2.2.7 if at all
possible (where these bugs, and plenty others, are fixed).
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