Re: Red cursor

From: <>
Date: Wed Mar 23 2005 - 10:03:09 CET

John Seago wrote:
> I have AbiWord 2.0.12-i486 installed on Slackware 10.1, somehow have
> managed to alter the cursor whilst writing a letter.
> The cursor is now Red and if one back spaces to correct, for instance a
> missed coma, as one writes the coma the space to the right of the cursor
> disappears, if one then inserts the space, the next letter disappears, and
> so on until one reaches the end of the previously written material.
> Obviously I have altered a setting somehow, but I have no idea how to put
> it back the way it should be. Can someone kindly point out how to rectify
> this?

Press the "insert" key on your keyboard to toggle back to insert mode
(the red caret denotes overwrite mode).
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