Printing Problem

From: mowestusa <>
Date: Mon Mar 14 2005 - 04:28:21 CET

I'm running Abiword 2.2 on SimplyMepis 2.6 and I
loaded it using the sid repositories. I'm also running
this in xfce 4.2 instead of the standard KDE window
manager in SimplyMepis. The print system is CUPS.

I can print from OpenOffice. However, Abiword will not
print. I also have trouble with Firefox. When I print
a webpage it doesn't print the first time, then it
prints two copies if you send a second command.
Abiword never prints.

Being a newbie I don't even know where to begin to
find the answer to this problem. I'm farely sure that
when I was running 2.0 on this system it worked, but
that was before I upgraded SimplyMepis and other

Any suggestions what I could try to fix the problem? I
do find it interesting that other programs don't have
trouble printing but Abiword does.


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