Re: Setting AbiWord as default word processor.

From: Adam Bogacki <>
Date: Mon Mar 07 2005 - 12:59:59 CET

Alberto Cabello Sanchez wrote:

>On Mon, Mar 07, 2005 at 07:56:09PM +1100, Adam Bogacki wrote:
>>Whenever I download a text document from the web (usually '*.doc') I
>>wait a painfully long time while the HD churns away and
>>it opens in Open Office Writer. I'm sure I set it as the default word
>>processor some time ago but I've forgotten how.
>>Can anyone advise how to change it AbiWord ?
>You have to change it in the browser, not in Abiword. How to do it depends on
>the browser, but if your browser is Mozilla, you can look at Edit ->
>Preferences -> Navigator -> Helper Applications.
Hmm .. I changed it so that 'application/msword' , when a 'doc'
extension is encountered,
opens the files with abiword .. rebooted to reset configs,
and it still opens '*.doc' files with Open Office.

The same is true for Firefox, Galeon, and Epiphany - based on Mozilla.

I wish to use AbiWord as it is is less memory-hungry and more flexible.

It gives me the message

"Mozilla can handle this type internally. For such types, a Helper
will only be invoked if the server requests external handling.
Cancel/Proceed Anyway"

Any ideas, companeros ?

Adam Bogacki,
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