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From: Bear Tooth <>
Date: Sun Dec 18 2005 - 19:53:56 CET

On Sun, 18 Dec 2005, Richard L. Dery wrote:

>> I made business cards using microsoft word's envelopes and
>> labels. Does abiword have anything like envelopes and labels or
>> a similar tool?
>> You can set up an envelope from the File -> Page Setup -> Page
>> tab.
> Click on Paper Size, then scroll down and you'll see several
> envelope sizes listed. If your envelope size isn't listed, you
> should be able to select Custom and define the envelope's
> dimensions as you need to.
> As for labels, you should be able to create a form using the label
> package's layout template as a guide. You might want to save the
> label form as an AbiWord template when you're finished.

         That's if you run AbiWord on the same machine, under the
same OS, right? How about if you run it on a different machine,
under linux?

         I've been wanting to make up some business cards -- or maybe
retiree cards -- but if I have to use the Abominable OS to do it,
what do I gain by using AbiWord instead of MSWormOS's app?? I don't
even have AbiWord -- or anything else except proprietary topo map
software -- on my XP machine, in a deliberate attempt to keep that
machine not even booted, except when I have to use it.

         So is there a way for linux AbiWord to do it without
reference to anything in MS?

         If not, I agree that it'd be nice to see some developer take
an interest <grin>

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