Re: AbiWord TWiki Appearance Changes

From: Randy Kramer <>
Date: Thu Apr 07 2005 - 21:53:45 CEST

On Thursday 07 April 2005 01:08 pm, Randy Kramer wrote:
> Intentionally cross-posted (sorry ;-)

> * opinions about the top? Is there too much (vertical) whitespace
> between the AbiWord header and the text?

I think there is too much white space, but even worse, there is no (large)
title. I might work on that today, but maybe not. In any case, I wonder if
it would be best as an (independent) large font line under the AbiWord
heading, or actually in the AbiWord heading, maybe next to (to the right) of
the "Word Processing for Everyone".

After a little bit of thought, I prefer the large font line for the following

   * We can use spaces in the title ;-)
   * And extra words which aren't in the URL/TWiki "page name"
   * We don't have to do it on every page--maybe it is appropriate on a page


(where the QA format was not followed)

But not appropriate on a page like (because it is fairly easy to tell that it
is a Q&A page and the Q quickly identifies where to read the question:

   * The drawback of the independent large font line is that it has to be
inserted manually. I will add a title line to the WebTopicEditTemplate to
prompt people to (optionally) add a title when they create a new page.

On existing pages, feel free to add a title using the Twiki markup for a Level
2 heading (that looks good to me) which is:

---++ Title with Spaces and Extra Words

On newer wikis, that heading can be kept out of the TOC by using a syntax with
two exclamation points, but that doesn't seem to work on this version of
TWiki. For now, let's not worry about it.

Randy Kramer
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