AbiWord TWiki Appearance Changes

From: Randy Kramer <rhkramer_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu Apr 07 2005 - 19:08:59 CEST

Intentionally cross-posted (sorry ;-)

I've made some changes to the appearance of (most of) the pages of the AbiWord

See http://www.abisource.com/twiki/bin/view/Abiword/FaqAbiwordVersus for an
example of the changes (or any page that uses the view script, i.e., has
"view" in the URL as above).

Some notes:

   * this was partially intended as an experiment to make the top of the page
look better, and incidentally I moved some things to the bottom. The bottom
actually looks acceptable enough that I plan to leave it this way for the
time being (I have to get back busy on some other things for the next 2 to 3

   * opinions about the top? Is there too much (vertical) whitespace between
the AbiWord header and the text?

   * note that these changes only apply to the view pages, which are the ones
that normal users normally see. I don't plan to make similar changes on
things like the edit page, partly so I don't accidentally lose any required
funtionality, and partly so that people realize that, behind the scenes, it
is a TWiki. I will think about doing it on the preview page (actually it's
probably just a matter of time, so maybe in a few weeks).

   * I was going to say that I'll eventually do things like the Search,
Index,WebStatistics and so forth, but it seems the view template has done
those as well.

   * Marc Maurer has suggested that I do a menu on a side panel (I'd put it on
the right for usability reasons)--I'll try looking at that in a few weeks.
Whether I do a side panel or not, I'll look again at the bottom of the page
at that time (and maybe just briefly between now and then).

Randy Kramer
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