Re: Cursor Terminology and Shape (was Re: Red cursor)

From: Ryan Pavlik <>
Date: Mon Apr 04 2005 - 00:58:30 CEST

John Seago wrote:

>I've just looked caret up in my dictionary and it says that this ^ when
>used used below the line or in the margin is a 'caret', used to indicate
>an error. That seems to be the answer one gets when doing a Google search
>for it as well. Well that and 'Centre for Applied Research in Educational
>Technologies' at Cambridge University, UK. See:
I believe Microsoft was the one responsible for changing the definition
in Win3.1 times. The "cursor" is indeed the mouse pointer, and the
caret is both the text insertion pointer (I beam/bar) moveable with the
arrow keys, and the symbol "^".

Ryan Pavlik
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