Re: Why are characters not showing?

From: Alan Horkan <>
Date: Sun Apr 03 2005 - 15:54:45 CEST

> In future AbiWord versions, are you considering a way one can hook into
> Nisus Thesaurus?

Is it open source? (I dont think so)

You might want to read our Support Expecatations document

If it is open source then the abiword developers might consider adding
support for it. If it is not open source then there isn't much the
abiword developers can do with it unless maybe they provide a good clear
API for interacting with it but even then it makes more sense for
developers to focus on Aiksaurus instead.

I notice it is an OS X program. Is there standard thesaurus service is OS
X? I believe Frank (fjf) has plans to support the spell checking services
in OS X and if there was a clear standard for a Thesaurus service he might
be able to support that too eventually.


Alan Horkan
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