Weirdness with PDF conversion application.

From: Stuart Soloway <>
Date: Sun Jun 20 2004 - 21:24:29 CEST


I thought I would post this problem of mine to the users' group before
considering reporting it as a bug in the hope that some might recognize
what is going on.

I have a package called PDFcamp that allows me to create PDF documents
by printing to a PDF printer device. It has always worked well for me
with abiword as well as with other applications. But all of a sudden, I
noticed that when I attempted to print to the PDF printer from abiword,
it would come out garbled. If the abiword file contains:


the PDF file contains


It seems to subtract 31 from the ascii value of each lower-case character.

If the abiword contains


the PDF contains

Now it has subtracted 29 from the ascii values.

When printing a file with multiple characters per line, the result is
garbled, probably because the character spacing is not correct.

This may have been precipitated by either upgrading my abiword; I am
currently running 2.1.3, but I think I first noticed it with the most
recent stable release. Or it may have been precipitated by my
installing Asian fonts, which happened at about the same time. I have
reinstalled both abiword and PDFcamp since, but it still happens.
Embedding fonts doesn't seem to change the problem. This only happens
when I use the PDFcamp device as my printer and when printing from
abiword; it does not happen with MSword or with any other program, or
with abiword and any other printer. So if it is a bug, I have no way to
tell if it is Abiword or PDFcamp.

I have sample files I can forward to anyone who is interested, but I
didn't want to broadcast them on the list.

If this makes any sense to anyone, I'd appreciate hearing about it.



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