Fixing Postscript

Date: Wed Jun 16 2004 - 21:10:02 CEST

I have been using Abiword very successfully under Gnome for some time.
Then I finally got tired of the bloat, ripped Gnome out, installed
GTK2.4, XFCE4, and Abiword 2.0.7 and built everything without incident.
Seems to work fine.

Except for printing. Print quality sucks - the font is wrong, and the
spaces are mostly replaced with backspaces - yes, I know there are not
really backspaces in there, you are doing "moveto" with Postscript,
the problem looks very much like what I read in the FAQ.

Printing or looking at the PS files generated by "print to file" with
gs looks the same. Bad. But if I take the PS files to another machine,
they look fine.

Also, while printing or using gs, I see in the terminal window I launched
from, lots of complaints about not being able to find the font.

So I conclude that Abiword is working fine, and I've screwed up my
Postscript framework. a2ps and psutils are already installed. gs, too
(at least, the same one that used to work fine). What do I need to do?

(when I say "ripped Gnome out", I mean I reinstalled a minimalist RH9
on the machine, which not only got rid of Gnome, but a lot of other
waste that had accumulated. Apparently including my Postscript setup.
It seems to be easier/faster to reformat and reinstall than figure out
what files to throw away.)
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