AbiWord 2.1.3 "Sum1 To Watch Over Me" Unleashed!

From: Mark Gilbert <mg_abimail_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Sun Jun 13 2004 - 19:37:04 CEST

AbiWord 2.1.3 aka "Sum1 To Watch Over Me" is now available for
general consumption.

After extensive efforts at bugfixing as well as a few new features,
we're proud to announce 2.1.3 as the latest development release for your
testing and admiring satisfaction. Developers are still hacking away on
2.2 and in the meantime we'll continue to deliver delicious
sneak-previews through the 2.1.x releases.

Most notable in this release is LOTS of bugfixes. We lost count
somewhere around 200! Things have become much more stable and are still
improving. Users who don't mind the occasional glitch that comes with
preproduction versions are encouraged to give 2.1.3 a try, and give us
all the constructive feedback you can. The more bugs you file, the more
we fix!
Other highlights of the release include lots of BiDirectional text and
glyph shaping engine fixes (including UniScribe on Windows). We'd
appreciate further feedback from our users worldwide about how this is
working out.

Special thanks go out with this release to Abi's intrepid QA team,
including (but certainly not limited to): David Chart, Jan Christiansen,
Mikey Cooper, Antonio M. D'souza, Diego, Raphael Finkel, Per Larsson,
Ryan Pavlik, Kestutis Snieska, Robert Staudinger, and last but certainly
not least, sum1.

Full release notes are available at
And the changelog at

We'd like to thank everyone who contributed to making AbiWord 2.1.3 a
big step toward a solid 2.2. Also, keep your eyes open for 2.1.4, which
should follow in the next few weeks.

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