RE: using abiword from command line, win NT server

From: Brereton, Stephen <>
Date: Mon Jul 26 2004 - 15:17:23 CEST

so, its promoted as cross-platform, and capable of doing command-line, but
I've not found a mention of the 'UNIX-only' aspect?

Not impressed.

NB: You'll find that using a PS driver and printing to file will produce a
.ps copy...
I'd already checked that via the GUI

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> abiword "c:\file.doc"
> only opens the file into abiword, but not sign of
> any attempt print the file
> out anywhere.

Printing from the command line doesn't work in AbiWord
for Windows. Also, our Win32 port uses GDI to draw to
the screen and printer. It is incapable of generating
PostScript. The Unix version prints via PostScript,
> also
> abiword --splash
> still shows the splash screen as it loads...

The option is '--nosplash'.
> I was hoping to use abiword to load word documents
> and print them out as
> postscript files, on the server, using wscript.

As stated above, this won't work on Windows. The
Unix/Linux version will do what you want.


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