core 2 rpms and imports

From: Jim Hettmer <>
Date: Sat Jul 24 2004 - 19:40:12 CEST

   Finally got a Fedora core 2 platform and have been waiting forever to
download a latest abiword. A couple of problems and probably me being stupid
in all cases, but help with dumb questions would be greatly appreciated.
   1. The Fedora core 2 rpms seem not to contain any help files? I find help
with Mozilla online, but nothing happens when I merely click the help button.
Or have I failed to set up some URL?
   2. I duly installed enchant, it's right there in /usr/lib, but the rpm
install can't find it and I had to rpm -i --nodeps. What should I have done?
   3. (Stupidest of all). I have (I THINK) all the plug-ins via the plug-in
rpm. I thought I could maybe load an html (I have tons of them) and see it all
formatted nice and convert to abw once and for all. Everything I try, it just
shows me the literal html. What's the obvious dumb mistake I am making?
   Thanks, and really eager to check this new package out.
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